Coronavirus: Videogames/immersive apps

Computer games: More than a lockdown distraction

By Chris BaraniukTechnology of Business reporter
Accessed 14.05.2020
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Key Points 
✔️  Steam recorded increase in gamers to between 40 – 60% per week in Coronavirus crisis. 
✔️  Social games allows gamers to congregate in vast virtual worlds 
✔️  Some games are using house party apps to voice connect online while playing. 
✔️  Games can be a source of escapism when feeling overwhelmed 
✔️  Games can serve as a comfort by playing familiar games. 
✔️  Players can make their own avatars and world space. 
✔️  A crisis alert would be valuable to players 
✔️  Future source was the analysis company referenced in the article. 


How easy would it be to add a social function to my games? I could offer the player the choice to create their own avatar or choose from a selection. I was already thinking about creating three different headsets and offer three different experiences depending on the players choice. Now I could connect the 3 headsets at the event or broaden this to accommodate playing the app at home.

I am in the middle of remaking the app for PC and was going to experiment with putting this online at as a web app. I could also investigate how to publish for steam and better understand what this would entail both for screen and VR. 

I could limit the players to students from specific academies so that they could play together in a safe space. I could also look at how I could enable students to design and develop their own worlds using the Lunarium app as a template for their creativity. A crisis button connected to a central app such as Mind, could be added to every game I make.