Research Track


Can AI and ML be deployed to automate safeguarding in HMD VR? (2022)

Shepherds Shield: An holistic approach to embedding safeguarding design principles for safe and comfortable immersive-interactive (HMD VR SG) training scenario development (2024) proposal.

Set of Assumptions:

In full immersive HMD VR virtual reality experiences…

1. Women feel less safe and comfortable than men.
2. Women are more likely than men to experience abuse.
3. Women experience more proximity fear than men.
4. Women are more likely to experience motion sickness than men
5. AI/ML could be deployed as a safeguarding design mechanism.
6. AI is gender biased 


Birds deploy an internal navigation system connected to the olfactory sense and internal ‘magnetic senses’ that assists navigation of large expanses of space, even when there are no visual landmarks; Could this be relevant to human navigation in virtual environments? (2023)


Can practice- based research be presented by deploying VR ? (2022)


How is virtual space navigated? (2018 – 2020)


Can practice-based experimentation be captured and represented by deploying CGI animation tools and mobile application development. Helix (2015)


Can ‘natural space’ immersive experience be re-enacted? (2015)


How is ‘natural space’ navigated?

Can practice-based animation research be represented by deploying CGI Animation tools ?

Can material craft-based animation model making be re-enacted to capture embodied tacit knowledge ?



What is the tension experienced by a material craft-based stop-motion animator, when interacting with CGI modelling and animation tools?

Set of assumptions

The tension is one of…
1. ‘Disconnection’ ?
2. Material craft culture, values and beliefs ?
3. Interface design
4. Peripheral device design?

Or, something else?

Can Animation represent aspects of Quantum Physics ?
How do I know what I think I know ?
Where is my place in the world ?
What is ‘world’ ?

Who Am I ?