Career update: Roles, job specs and SMART Goals

Goal: Cinematic VR Immersive Design & Animation
Roles: indie/freelance Real-time Cinematic Animator, VR App Developer, Character Designer and/of Experience Designer and/or Lecturer for games for entertainment,education, instruction, arts & Heritage. 

SMART Goals 
  • Unity Game Engine 
  • Real-Time Cinematography 
  • Character Design
  • VR Mobile Applications
  • Immersive Experience Design 
To be fully competent using the unity game engine , I need to be able to demonstrate that I understand all aspects of the production process and implement best practice principles. I will do this by integrating all aspects of the engine in my current project, Lunarium. I will do this by the end of March 2020. 
To be able to work as a real-time animator, I need to be able to demonstrate that I understand how to produce cutscenes using the unity game engine. Working with narrative, storyboarding and animation principles I will use Cinemachine and timeline to produce a cut scene for Lunarium. I will do this by the end of March 2020. 
To improve my digital character development, I need to design, model, rig and skin a character initially using Adobe Mixamo. I will then extend this to a 3D software such as 3DsMax, Maya and Blender. To do I will produce one character to include in my current project, Lunarium. I will do this by the end of March 2020.
  • 4) MOBILE VR 
To work towards XR Development, I need to focus on real-time VR production. I need to demonstrate that I understand the differences between Mobile VR production and VR for PC and Console Devices. To do this I will research optimisation techniques, implement these in Lunarium and deploy to Oculus Go. I will do this by by the end of March 2020. 
To become a specialist in immersive environment design for Animated Film and Games, I need to apply research from GDC and Academic papers in the development of my environment design in Lunarium. To do this I will connect with experts in the field, watch GDC and locate one paper each week that focuses on Environment design. I will also reconfigure my own personal ‘nature’ environment research and apply this to my new practice. I will do this by March 2020. 
Job Description examples: 
Cinematic Animator: 
_________ is searching for an exceptionally talented Cinematic Animator to join our RPG team.
As a cinematic animator you will work closely with narrative, art, audio, and design teams to create compelling story telling moments through engaging cinematic content. 
In this role, you will be responsible for creating emotionally impactful character performances within our cutscenes and cinematic content. 
You will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of cinematic production from conceptualization through final implementation. 
In addition to delivering spectacular animation, you will contribute to the continuous improvement of our cinematic pipelines, tools and processes.
  • Understanding of the animation pipeline and processes from conception to final implementation.
  • Practical knowledge of current 3D software (Maya, 3DS Max and Motionbuilder).
  • Ability to collaborate well with artists, writers, designers, and programmers.
  • Strong understanding of animation principles, character posing and staging
  • A self-motivated team player with good communication skills.

Immersive Experience Environment Designer: 

XR (VR/AR/MR) Designer: 

Character Designer for Games and Real-Time Animation:  

Animation Lecturer (expanded) : 

Personal needs and considerations: 
Work/life balance (could work in blocks punctuated by time off/set back time) 
Creative Team collaboration and the opportunity to work on larger scale projects than I would be able to develop as an indie developer. 
Personal project time through the year In which I would have full creative control. 
Continual Skillset Development in a supportive environment 
Financial Stability 
Travel opportunities 
Research opportunity 
Feel proud of the work I do.