Character Research: Humanised Death

So far, I have decided that I need to develop a humanised death character as well as an alienated one because I have two pieces of music, one which speaks to the common and colloquial, is more accessible.The other speaks to the art of the operatic (which can be thought of as rightly or wrongly, alienating).

Danse Macabre (humanised death track) will be represented by a kind of human skeleton, a grim reaper figure which connects to the plague, wears a black cloak and plays an instrument (Tech).

When I think about the image of the Grim Reaper, Paul Kidby’s Illustrations of Death drawn for Terry Pratchett, springs to mind. To develop this kind of illustration, one would use references from Grays Anatomy etc.

To develop a character in the fantasy genre, I reach for my 1943 Grays Anatomy text and begin to breakdown the skeletal structure of the form. In doing this I am attempting to dig deep into the ‘humanistic’ concept of death. 

I am very aware of the high character pixel count required to construct the character and how this should be reduced for Mobile VR. I am thinking that I would be able to pare back the detail later while still retaining the essence of the concept.