It’s has been a couple of weeks since the Corona Virus hit the UK and I feel fortunate to be pretty much in isolation anyway due to the work I am doing however my husband is a Geriatric and Diabetic Podiatrist which has meant that we have had to adjust quite a lot of things at home. I have two children in University both of which have decided to stay there due to my husbands work and because they are in at risk groups. This is a very worrying and uncertain time.

Last week was spent looking at the job market, speaking with careers experts and really considering how things might change in the immediate to long term future.

Working practices will undoubtably change to remote working with more emphasis on VR I suspect. This places the practice in a position where it could have real impact in industry, healthcare and education.

Also, location based immersive experiences will decline whereas collective online experienced may increase considerably. Facebooks development of social online VR should be available sooner than anticipated.

The situation is extremely worrying but trying to think round problems is what a creative person does best and so I have refocused my website to emphasis instructional design and immersive research whereas my site remains focused on multimedia and Xr for entertainment.

I am branding both sites and ensuring that the tone and voice of each suits the intended audience. This is extending to my CV.

Most importantly I am emphasising that I can work remotely. I have a fully equipped design studio and photography studio. My licences software includes captivate, adapt, illustrator, photoshop, indesign, premier pro, adobe XD as well as the usual office software.

Most of all I am thankful that I, my close family and my extended family and friends are all well.