Final Fixes Update

I installed Unity 2019.3 To use XR Interaction Toolkit but it did not work on my project. The plugin is currently in preview and so, although it looks very promising, I am going to wait for the 2019.4 LTS to be released. I am also going to upgrade to an Oculus Quest when the global market improves and they become available. The current build on Oculus Store Alpha Channel is playable when standing and swiping the touchpad. Although not ideal it will be sufficient to submit for this phase of development.

In the meantime, I am going to backlog the production items for the next phase of development and quickly build a standalone PC version of the app. This will give me the option to create a clean build, concrete my unity knowledge and capture a nice walkthrough video for my final video submission. I hope to export the app to under my username Human9.

I have been advised by gigaclear that my Internet will be down tonight and tomorrow so I intend on sketching and painting out some character and prop development work in the studio (aka.. the garden as the weather is nice and we are in lockdown). I should also be able to craft the paper HMD mask as designed previously. I have a photography studio now so I should be able to get some nice clean model shots of the work.

Next Steps:

1. PC Fixes 

🔲  Animated Lunarium Logo clip 
🔲  Tower Door Slide Mechanic 
🔲  Coin collect 
🔲  Coin Counter 
🔲  Scene Transition

2. HMD Paper Mask 
3. Character and Prop development