First Project : SME Agreement

Although I produced 14 screen savers last week, my first project ‘proper’ will begin in the new year when I return to work. 

I have began to think about the design process and whether there is an SME agreement available or whether this is something that could be implemented. 

I will root out my guidelines that where used in my previous job as a learning technologist to ask if this will work. At the end of the day, it’s about clarity of process and active communication. 

This blog was really helpful and reminded me of the strengths and weakness of this delicate relationship.

6 principles to remember their needs and how to cooperate to get the best from a project. 

Also, I need to remember how I work best… 

✔️ TOOLS : I will need the software and hardware I am trained in to produce work effectively. 

✔️ TRAINING : I will need additional training to learn new tools and/or functions 

✔️ TIME : I need to time to acquire new training. 

I will add two more tentative T’s to this which is TALKING.. to clarify and communicate project development, using TRELLO.. to collaborate and inform.