Fixed 22/04/20

✔️Violin skeleton seat needs moving back.
✔️Controller information needs embedding in Scene (on paper grass ?)
✔️Loop violin player
✔️Caravan would look better if coloured.
✔️Does the player need a footsteps sound?
✔️Enlarge bounding skeleton head
✔️Is there a poetry piece missing after ‘the rest that represent joy and sin?
✔️While folly poetry piece needs moving forwards a little.
✔️Slow heart dice as it’s too fast
✔️Slow and reverse flower growing
✔️Our words poetry piece need moving to the right a little.
✔️Ringmaster character needs placing at fairground entrance
✔️Change UV on fairground worker character as too bright.. blend to stall.
✔️Change UVs on fairground entrance doors.
✔️Light beneath alien death character
✔️Add lights to trap doors red and blue
✔️Fix fall off spiral staircase.. needs to be wider (Blue)
✔️Add cards to hole 
✔️Add Lights and check levels in spiral tunnels

Next Steps 
🔲. Sound at caravan room would be nice – Sound
🔲. Drum beat animation would be nice.. can we add sound here? – Animation
🔲. Add sly mouths into room.- Animation
🔲. Need white box room populating.. skeleton band? Animation 
🔲. Add copyright free music to alien death – Don Giovanni death scene music-.Sound
🔲. Add mystic placeholder – Image
🔲. Well done sign trigger pop up and coins set back to zero at the end – Mechanic.