L&D Brand Experiment 01 : Neumorphism & hand drawn illustrations

 I am currently using Procreate to produce learning materials and so today I have been experimenting with Neumorphism and hand drawn graphics. 

I am interested in designing graphics that are clean, haptic/tactile and suggest affordances that abstract to the point of limiting visual noise so that the user can focus on the important information. This reduces cognitive load and leads the way towards bringing together print/screen and immersive design. 

I know that it would need to be tested for accessibility (colour blindness/dyslexia/Hearing/sight limited) 

One of the biggest complaints about Neumorphism is that users with sight limitations need high contrast UX graphics such as buttons. This can be overcome by using illustrations with image descriptions as well as using strong contrasting colours, selectively. Designing for able bodied AND user limited for a number of reasons is key and so Putting the design in the hands of the user sooner rather than later will reduce a costly redesign. 

Captivate Template Draft