Living Thesis VR : Sketchfab Model Test

Living Thesis 
Dye and OHP disks with sewn helix on Paper

In Unity, I have tried to create a model that looks similar to the dye and OHP sewn image as this was the way in which I saw the living thesis represented as an interactive web based 3D model.

Living Thesis 
Unity Model

Living Thesis

Model Close UP

I can use the same model in the web and VR versions of the project. The VR version, I see as suspended in dark space. 

I decided to start by producing a simple model for the purpose of embedding a looped animated film or gif on the experimental website. This site embeds practice experimentation while also being a site of experimental practice in and of itself.   

Animated Gif
Animated png

The model has also been exported as an .fbx file which is destined in the first instance for sketchfab. It is possible to embed a sketchfab model in a wordpress website via code.