Meeting Notes:

  • Sliding door issue ? 
  • Can I add a real world exit button … other UI concepts ? 
  • scene transitions ? 
  • Optimisation.. API is 51 kB okay for gear VR/Oculus Go ? 

Next Week: 
  • Marketing & Dissemination plan : Oculus Store Assets & webpage 
  • Alpha Channel User testing: use headset to collect user data. 
  • Extra features: coin collection, scoring, cut scene and character development. 


Al likes the code and it looks straightforward but it might be a bit of overkill for such a simple mechanic. He offered to send over a bit of code that should work for me. 

I will look at the animation controller function when I start to create more complete mechanics. I am keen to explore cut scene development in Cinemachine. At the moment this is an additional feature and it’s in the backlog in favour of user testing. 

52KB is really small and so the optimisation seems to have worked! Al advised that mechanics and interaction scripts are light and shouldn’t increase the app load very much. 

This is good news because I really wanted to create some sweet characters. Al advised that Maximo could be really fruitful to explore. In the first instance it will help to populate the scenes and bring the world to life. 

The next steps I am looking at is the UI, particularly an escape button at the foot of the character controller. I also want to add a gaze click controller which will help when I grasp objects such as coins or balls. 

The player coin counter should be quite simple to implement but I am not so sure. I have found a tutorial for this and will give a whirl to see if it can be done. 

I’m happy just to have finished the build for mobile VR ! 

Next steps: 

🔲. Load to headset 
🔲. User testing 
🔲. Marketing and dissemination research
🔲. Marketing and dissemination plan (ask for feedback) 
🔲. Compare mobile VR with high end processor VR to explore the full potential of the media.