Oculus Go Version 40 User Test 01 : Fixes (indicated by ticks)

✔️ Anti-Aliasing required as model edges are very jagged.

✔️ The player controller is too high and makes the player feel really far too tall.Fixed 

✔️ Unity Logo is flashing and moving erratically. Fixed 

🔲 Needs a Lunarium Logo Temp Fix to test – needs editing in photoshop. 

🔲Player Controller is poor – speed is too slow and motion doesn’t flow.

🔲 Players head direction controls their movement which means that they can’t be sitting unless in a spinning chair. The experience is better when standing.

🔲 There is no text on the entrance which would introduce the player to the game premise.

🔲 The doors need to slide apart to reveal the skeleton

✔️ The skeleton needs to transition from sitting to standing to playing his violin.

🔲 The Danse Macabre music needs to trigger when the skeleton plays.

🔲 The player should be able to collect silver coins as they go around the Lunarium world. I need to create a coin and a coin counter that is not too invasive (doesn’t break the 4th wall).

✔️ The second labyrinth wall is not on the ground correctly.

🔲 Signage is required in the labyrinth

🔲 poem pieces are required on the labyrinth wall

✔️ The Alienated Death Character needs installing in the red room.

🔲  The labyrinth skeleton needs to be standing not sitting and should laugh when the player triggers it (Use the Danse macabre track laughter)

🔲  The ringmaster is backface culling and needs fixing.

🔲  The fairground needs more interest

🔲  The main tent needs a cutscene to create a reward half way through the experience.

🔲  Peering down the hole could make players feel nauseous but I’m not sure.

🔲  The drop through the hole is very quick and could be slowed down via gravity or made longer by increasing the depth.

🔲 Entering on the spiral staircase could create a feeling of sickness but I’m not sure. I may have to make the stairs a lot deeper and simpler so that the player feels like they are dropping down rather than bumping down the stairs. The curve may also need to be make a lot bigger so that the player doesn’t feel like they are moving their head too much.

🔲  The lower level needs more interest . this should have a paper night garden.

🔲  The player should be able to pay the mystic the silver coins to escape.

Next Steps 

🔲 Fix essential issues ready for Monday user testing proper.
🔲 Design consent form. 
🔲 Design user questionnaire.