Oculus Store Assets

I am in the process of completing a set of assets for the oculus store so that the release channel can be changed from draft to Alpha. It is hoped that the app will then be available on the oculus store for testing (RESULT)

These are the initial drafts (created on iPad Adobe CC comp and mix, which will be aligned properly in photoshop tomorrow. I still need to check the safe areas.

The oculus guidelines specifically state that the following should be adhered to.

Go/Gear Asset VRCs

These requirements ensure your app meets the asset and content guidelines for shipping in the Oculus Store.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.1
    Logo must be on a transparent background.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.2
    Store cover art images must have a clear logo without extraneous text, taglines, or banners.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.3
    Store cover art must not include text in the top or bottom 20% of the image.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.4
    Hero art must include the branding of the app centered in the image.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.5
    Screenshots must be representative of the app and don’t contain any additional logos, text, or iconography.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.6
    App description, screenshots, and videos must not include HMDs, controllers, or logos for other VR platforms.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.7
    Trailer must not be longer than 2 minutes.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.8
    Artwork asset text should not use a font smaller than 24 pt.
  • VRC.Mobile.Asset.9
    If app is supported on both Gear VR and Oculus Go, any references in the app description and trailer should mention both devices.
3000 x 900 px 
1080 x 360 
1008 x 1440 px 
1440 x 1440 px 
9000 x 1440 px (Max) 
Screenshot 001 
Screenshot 002
Screenshot 003 
Screenshot 004 
Screenshot 005 
Trailer cover 
2560 x 1440 px 
Mobile Icon 
512 x 512 px
PC Icon 
256 x 256 px
PC Icon 
96 x 96 px
PC Icon 
64 x 64 
PC Icon 
48 x 48 
PC Icon 
32 x 32 
PC Icon 
16 x 16 
Cube Map 
12000 x 12000