Production Phase 1

The development of wheels stalled in Phase 1 due to an issue with the first person controller. It seemed that the gravity setting was influencing the behaviour of the FPC in unexpected (and at the time unsolvable) ways. 

To avoid any confusion I am detailing the work down in Phase one and separating this from phase 2. 

Phase 1 included the following development: 
Wheels Style Guide (Including colour palette and typography) 
Ring Master: Concept Designs and paper cut out puppet only. 
Fairground Worker: Concept Design and paper cut out puppet and unity tests. 
Fortune Teller : Concept Sketches only. 
Physical Models & Material Experiments: 
Main fairground layout only:
1 Game Stall Concept Design and material maps for unity. 
Card Designs and material maps: 
  1. Wheel of Fortune 
  2. Despair 
  3. Joy 
  4. Love 
  5. Death 
  6. Sin