Stand Alone Windows Version to Oculus Go

I updated the Lunarium oculus go project to 2019.3 (ready for the LTS) and then exported an asset package from the Standalone Windows. I then imported it into the Oculus Go project. 
Fixes required 
🔲. Text mesh pro doesn’t work so find alternative solution.
🔲  Skeletons need reimporting.
🔲  Reconnect all scripts with objects. 
🔲. Reconnect all animations. 
🔲. Add NavMesh, agents and target. 
🔲. Add Lights 
🔲. Player Controller with Teleport/turns 
🔲. Check player settings for Go with best practice 2019.3 
🔲. Add licence key etc. 
🔲. Check labyrinth walls all okay. 
Check against Oculus Go Publishing Guidelines. 
Tidy project files.