AI Narrative : Are we sitting comfortably, then let them begin…

Can AI narrative be structured for an effective VR Experience?

I’m thinking about how the player camera is controlled for cinematic effect in VR world modelling and how this directs the player to key plot points as well as allowing the player a sense of open exploration. This ‘nudged’ VR camera direction could lead the player to a narrative encounter, an interaction that harnesses the power of AI to create a more ‘naturalised’ or engaging interaction.

I’m at the stage of the VR Lunarium project where I’ve explored the Unity Engine, got to grips with Optimisation and set model and prop design processes. Unfortunately, the original concept that worked with the poem and the subsequent operatic thematic has been shelved so I’m using the project to develop a narrative more deeply. To do this, I’m starting with the world concept and it’s inhabitants connect (I know this as a series or animation bible).

I love character development and writing backstory so I’m really going to enjoy this part of the projects development. To help explore narrative and experiment with AI, I’m going to be looking at over the next few weeks. I’ll be using Lunarium and Fizhogg to really get to grips with Narrative.