Alpha Channel Testing:

2 Options:

1)  Release as public so users can subscribe – For use with Beta Channel
2) Invite 100 Oculus Users to a private Channel Release by email invitation – Alpha Channel or selecting testers

Option 2

Invite myself initially and Al.

Private Channels

To distribute your private release channel builds to users, you must first invite them to the release channel. In the Oculus Store, the user will see the highest version published to any release channel they belong to (or published to the Store channel). You can add a user to multiple release channels.
Each Oculus user must accept your release channel invitation before we provision their Oculus Store Library with that channel’s build. This prevents users from getting signed up for apps they do not want.
Users subscribed to your release channel are granted an entitlement to download and run your build for as long as they remain subscribed to that channel. Removing a user from the channel disables their access to the build.
To add a user to a private channel:
  1. Log on to
  2. On the My Apps page, hover the mouse over an app and then click Manage Build.
  3. Click + in the Subscribed Users column of the channel.
  4. Enter the email addresses of the Oculus users you want to invite to this channel. Enter up to 100 email addresses separated by commas.
  5. Click Add Users. The system sends email invitations to each Oculus user you have invited.
  • Subscribed Users lists the users who have accepted your invitation.
  • Pending Users lists the users who have not yet accepted your invitation.

One issue is that the channel looks like it is still testing which according to what I have learned from the forums can be typical – can last 24hours or I could resubmit it (which I’m a little worried about because its taken so long to get it this far!)

The only other optimisation I noticed was on the Oculus Integration Profiler which was noting draw calls of 163 when it should be below 100 and it was recommended that I remove the only realtime light in the project…