Danse Macabre

As the project moves away from pure operatic orchestration I am interested in finding a suitable soundtrack for the alpha channel oculus store video asset.

After considering a few ‘scary’ horror’ filmic’ options I have become quite captivated by this French original 78 track of Danse Macabre. This was posted on the Internet Archive.


I may have to reduce some of the crackle but I could use the first 2 minutes. There a lovely evil cackle near the end of the track that could be clipped and used in isolation. This would be beautiful if played when the player enters the fairground, falls through the card hole or loses a game!

I am thinking that I will collect some foley sound at the weekend.. crumple some paper, wedge a card in my bicycle spokes again and explore other materials as well.

I like the idea of capturing ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural’ sound effects.