Feedback Loops : Climate crisis

Feedback (2011) 

Greta Thunberg and Dalai Lama met virtually yesterday together with two respected scientists, one who actively collects data from the artic and another who analyses data from the rainforests.  Many of thousands of people across the globe joined online (I joined on Oculus Venues) , to talk about the climate crises. 
In brief, scientists explained that there are 4 feedback loops that effect climate homeostasis. The carbon released through the melting of permafrost has not, to date, been taken into consideration in current climate change models. This makes current tipping point predictions wrong. Also, deforestation of the Amazon rainforest must stop because even though new tress as being planted, it’s the mature trees that have most impact. 
The Dalai Lama wrapped up by stating quite clearly that it’s no good raising our hands to God or Buddha.. we are the ones that caused the problem so we need to take responsibility for it. 
Greta gently yet clearly stated that essentially every human has a responsibility to educate themselves about climate change and collectively we must continue to find a solution (or many solutions as the case may be). 
This will be the only way that we can effect feedback loops that feed into the system and are the mechanics behind global homeostasis. We need to stop and reverse climate shifts, to avoid reaching a tipping point which will trigger a runaway effect that will be unstoppable. 
Although how close we are to that is uncertain. 
It will be time we’ll spent.
Then watch the feedbackloopclimate videos… 
We must be one family, care about the suffering of others and do what we can, whatever that is, whatever is within our sphere of influence, our power and our own control.