Health & Wellbeing : NHS – Natural England – DEFRA Collaborate to test How connecting with Nature can help improve Mental Health

I have spent 10 years researching immersive behaviour in various natural locations and am currently working with the Unity Engine to explore VR. 

I have several meditative VR experiences installed on my Oculus Quest, many of which have beautiful, ‘natural’ settings. I have found that they not only offer an immersive escape, the music and visuals have helped with my sense of anxiety and concerns during these strange times. 

I am interested in examining the intersection between the VR Experience and the real. So things like the sense of wind on the skin, sunlight in the eyes and walking to orientate yourself in space and time and how these effect wellbeing, are points of interest to me. Along with a few researchers such as Sarah Hill, 

Helium and Dr Sarah Jones (DMU) , I would like to further explore this rich area of research.

I need to ensure that my goals fit into much wider goals (Team/Organisation/UK/World), but as I am about to start off on a new career direction, I feel that and having a compass is always a good thing.