Lunarium Version 53 Fixes

Version 53
Completed Items

✔️ Needs a Lunarium Logo Temp Fix to test – needs editing in photoshop. 

✔️ Player Controller – just needs speed adjusting which is simple. 

✔️ The Danse Macabre music needs to trigger when the skeleton plays.

✔️ poem pieces and arrows are required on the labyrinth walls
✔️  The ringmaster is backface culling and needs fixing.
✔️  The drop through the hole is very quick – what can be done about this? Cut scene, gravity change…

✔️  Ease spiral 
✔️ add low poly paper night garden flowers 

Next Steps 

🔲 Design consent form. 
🔲 Design user questionnaire.  
🔲 complete Oculus/Unity VR training 23 hours 
🔲 The player should be able to collect silver coins as they go around the Lunarium world. I need to create a coin and a coin counter that is not too invasive (doesn’t break the 4th wall).
🔲  add laughter track to labyrinth skeleton (backlog feature) 

🔲   Populate the top tent with a cheering crowd (caution – could potentially overload processing) 
🔲  The main tent needs a cutscene to create a reward half way through the experience (caution – could overload processing) 
🔲  The player should be able to pay the mystic the silver coins to escape – how will this work? 
🔲 check labyrinth build.