While I know I’m going to go to quest in the summer, I have managed to implement all of the Lunarium (for Windows) app features into a 2019.3 Unity version for oculus go development.

I am currently researching the best form of locomotion using either turns or teleportation and have identified a couple of straight forward tutorials which I’m hoping will work on Unity 2091.3 OVR CONTROLLER setup (it should do)… famous last words…

I am also researching materiality and how to apply ‘Papery-ness’ to Lunarium. I am experimenting with creating material maps in photoshop, post-processing effects and shade graph. I am also interested in using soft shadows and replicating soft colour bounce. I am n0t necessarily trying to recreate a paper stop motion effect but more bring my stop-motion sensitivities to the engine to see what happens.

I have been cutting paper and thinking about ‘papery-ness’ over the last week. My mind has been really quite preoccupied with the pandemic and the loss of touch and so creating a brightly coloured, paper plague mask seemed right.

I have a further two masks to make, one red and one black.