Oculus Developer Bi-Annual survey

I was asked to complete a developer user experience questionnaire for the bi-annual oculus developers review.

This process was really useful in identifying some of the challenges I’d overcome, ones I’m still dealing with and anticipate those which I might encounter in the next stage of development.

I was asked which top challenge I faced. My answer was the oculus-engine integration challenge (how to stabilise a moving target?). I am sure that this is compounded due to my own developing experience with VR, but seriously, I’m pretty sure oculus and unity could get together to form a simple standardised document for oculus go development (given its one of the most common and accessible HMD’s for consumers new to VR) My current thinking is that I’m going to continue with Oculus GO development as my training ground but then go to oculus quest and link in the summer (subject to being able to obtain one).

I am also going to experiment with webGL and WebVR to see if I can access consumers without VR headsets. This is mainly to produce content for e-learning and 360 videos (so as not to alienate consumers who do not have access to a VR HMD). Things like creating animation course content and estate agent videos could keep the home fires burning!

It will be nice to have a proper chat with oculus as I want to speak with them about VR Animation and Annecy next year (yes, I know.. me and my high fluting ideas!) . I’m currently thinking about really going for a ‘Covid-19’ narrative for Lunarium (as there is already significant seepage from this in the work anyway)…

Maybe I’ll even send it to Grayson…