Conversion to oculus go

✔️ Text mesh pro doesn’t work so find alternative solution.
✔️ Skeletons need reimporting.
✔️ Reconnect all scripts with objects. 
✔️ Add licence key etc. 
✔️ Check labyrinth walls all okay. 
Next Steps: 

🔲. Reconnect all animations. 
🔲. Add NavMesh, agents and target. 
🔲. Add minimum Lights 
🔲. Player Controller with Teleport/turns 
🔲. Check player settings for Go with best practice 2019.3 
🔲  Check against Oculus Go Publishing Guidelines. 
🔲. Tidy project files. 
I’m not currently happy with the player navigation and so I’m going to research the options. I’m going to spend some time playing some more narrative based oculus go games so that I can think about how to get the best out of the controllers.