Production item: OVR/Oculus plugin compatible with Unity 2019.2.13 and Gear VR/Go (quest later)

Having got quite frustrated about this issue and having set up a new project using 2081.4 LTS and identified the differences between this version of unity and 2019.2.13, I went to bed.

When I woke up I have a renewed desire to solve the problem. 
I’m going to try a different solution: 
🔲 Delete all traces of current OVR plugin and Oculus Manifest. 
🔲 Download Oculus Integration 1.40 (below the 1.41 required) 
🔲 Add Oculus Integration 1.40 Controller 
🔲 Create Supported OculusManifest 
🔲 Check Build settings are correct
🔲 Developer Mode unticked 
🔲 ASTC Texture Compression
🔲 Set new Version
🔲 Min API Lollipop
🔲 Install Location Automatic  
🔲 VR Supported Ticked 
🔲 Oculus Keystore ID and Password
🔲 Alias and Password
🔲 App ID Go/Gear
🔲 User ID
🔲 Bundle Identifier
🔲 Device ID
🔲 Oculus App ID
🔲 Oculus .osig
🔲 Build API
🔲 Upload API to oculus


I have located the default 1.44 file and I was unable to delete it as it was hooked on a dll. On investigating this issue it seems that this is a problem with 2019.2 versions of unity. When I installed a previous version of unity 2019.1 I found I was able to delete the file so that 1.41 was the default. However on doing this, the OVR and Oculus plug-in created a lot of errors which when deleted caused further problems with the editor.

At this stage, because I need to go through the user research process properly, I am created a new standalone PC version of the project so that I can complete the build, the death character and cut scene. I will begin user testing from Monday.

I am sure that there will be a fix for the VR version and should it be impossible on the gear VR I will be able to sell the mobile and get an oculus go for the project with a view that a future release will be for the Oculus Quest.


What this process has taught me is that there is often a number of ways in which one can resolve on issue, and many potential fixes are offered on forums and via colleagues. It is a process of logic and patience… 

I need to keep to my production schedule and I did originally suggest a PC and VR version in my initial pitch so I am not too concerned about the process taking longer. I am after all learning the software and iterating continuously. As the sprint is mid way through I need to think about the MPV and so I am focusing on the PC version which further research is undertaken and tests carried out.