Submission Links

I am organising my submission files early as a precautionary measure so that should I get ill or have to attend to family matters, I don’t have to worry about my MA submission.

The Unity File that contains the full Lunarium Project is in the Wheels_NEW_39.csproj file.  

This file has been uploaded to GitHub and GoogleDrive

Submission Links: 

Google Drive: All Project files are Only available to Al and Canvas 

Reflective Journal:

Linked In Training:

Research References:


GitHub: Alcwyn Parker is a collaborator

Oculus Store:

Lunarium Webpage:

Sidequest: This might be a useful link if sharing the APK directly if the external examiner hasn’t got access to the oculus store.


It should be noted that the project has been renamed a number of times during the development process. It started life as ‘Wheels’ on GAM730 where it faltered at the player controller stage but was developed regarding branding but excluding the new Lunarium Logo. 

All files named Wheels_NEW were created on GAM750. In this phase I researched wayfinding and environment design for virtual reality. The project was developed for PC as I didn’t have a VR headset at the time. 

I acquired my GearVR headset at Christmas-time and was able to begin developing for mobile VR.    The project was renamed Lunarium in January 2020 and I conducted research and conducted experiments in environment design as well as learning how to best develop for Mobile Vr as opposed to PC. This meant that I had to understand game economy and optimisation for Unity and Oculus. 

In February I had to change my GearVR for an OculusGo as Unity announced that is would no longer be supporting GearVR. This means that I can now upgrade my project to Oculus Quest after I have submitted my project for examination. I did not go to quest because I would have had to submit as proposal document to oculus and I thought this might affect the current access on the Oculus Store (if it aint broke and all that!). 

I will continue to add characters and develop a cut scene for the project over the next few weeks however, to ensure my files are fully accessible and in consideration that I may be unable to submit as planned, I am submitting these links earlier than expected.