VR Narrative Structure – linear, branching to spiral 02:02

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The Nature of Code 
I have been researching Cinematic VR and thinking about narrative structure. This led me to think about structural forms in nature in which the alignment is more evident in branching and looped narrative structures. 
Here I am exploring the spiral as a narrative structure. I think that because it is linear and cyclical in a sense it could suit the ‘hero’s journey’ tale. Initially I thought about how  similar  the internal structure of a shell but which has a mechanism in which the organism can flood each cell ‘room’ to sink to the bottom of the ocean. 
I then began to think more in terms of three dimensions and the narrative as linear with an ascending curve. This prompted me to think about Norsteins Tale of Tales, narrative structure which is similar to memory recall. 

I wondered whether the ‘hero’ might have options and make choices in their journey. Some choices might lead to  trap doors through which the hero might Fall. They might fall through a tunnel which would take them back to. Previous point in their journey.  The fall would explain the error of the hero and they will be sure to make a different choice next time.