VR Narrative Direction 02:03

Several points were highlighted from the following text and I would now like to explore certain key points in my experimental practice.

S, Bosco, S, Miller , L, Van Osch (2019) The Great C’ : Lessons From Creating a 37 Minute Cinematic Narrative 

[Accessed 26.09.19]

Key Points

  • Use lighting as a narrative tool and do this early in production by using a white box scene. 

  • Use colour graduation through scenes to indicate the journey through the narrative. 
  • Use particles as ambient effects such as fog help to construct a grounded volumetric space. 


  • How will I use Light ? Will I use it to create volumetric space and direct the  participant? 
  • How will I use particle physics? (The work of Lotte Reinigers layered papers technique may be worth experimenting with). 
  • How will I use natural elements such as fire, ice, wind effects etc?  

Over the next week I intend to experiment in Unity as explore and experiment with techniques to direct attention in VR Narrative. 

The areas of interest are:   

  1. Lighting 
  2. Colour 
  3. Material
  4. Motion
  5. Effects
  6. Sound
  7. Something else… 
I hope to evaluate how success each experiment is in gaining the participants attention to the object. Once I have done this I hope to test this aspect on a number of willing user testers.