What’s next…

My next major project Fizhogg is in the planning stage and I hope to use unity 2019.4vLTS for this. It is likely to be an illustrated VR project with higher quality graphics and gameplay which may mean it will wither me PC based VR or Quest. I’m not completely decided on that as of yet.

Fizhogg (provisional title) is an illustrated interactive adventure game which will be hand illustrated and painted (think terry Pratchett meets “To the summer wine”) which takes inspiration from the  landscape, wildlife, animals, birds, buildings, characters and funny stories from the valley where I live… no real life people will be depicted lol.

🔲  Oculus Rift S
🔲  Quill

I also hope to jump straight in to a game jam on MAY 1ST with collaborators or as a solo developer which will be a nice punctuation to the end of my Creative App Development course, will keep up my momentum and hopefully be alot of fun… why not? We a little time on our hands after all..

Itch.io Game jam starts 1st May https://itch.io/jam/vr-jam-2020


I have a sketchfab account Human9, and intend to release models to sketchfab each month in high and low poly versions. I want to develop my character design and development as well as create props to populate my worlds so I might as well offer them for sale on sketchfab.

Sketchfab Upload instructions