Final fixes

I am going to try to divide the project into manageable scenes which may help processing load and performance on the mobile VR device (oculus go). I’ve joined a really nice, supportive discord community called MVR which is a collection of users and developers who are interested in Mobile VR development. This looks like a good place to listen, learn and contribute where I can help others. 

User testing has also highlighted a major user issue which I thought may be okay (I’d played other games that worked in a similar way) but due to motion sickness and play area detection issues, and player safety I need to look at either teleportation or snap turns.

These are the priorities for this weeks development however the following is a list of the final project fixes ideally to be completed this week.

I think using the X-RAY interaction toolkit May solve multiple issues, but I’m not sure until I start using it.

Final Fixes 

🔲  Animated Lunarium Logo clip 
🔲  Tower Door Slide Mechanic 
🔲  Teleportation 🔴
🔲  Coin collect 
🔲  Coin Counter 
🔲  Ball Throw 
🔲  Cut Scene ‘Top Tent’
🔲  Scene Transition  🔴 

🔴 Essential 

Next Steps 

🔲 User Testing 
🔲 Open to wider user testing on Discord Community.