Headset Blocker (con’t)

Troubleshooting process:

Problem: Need to conduct user testing on Gear VR Headmounted Display 

  1. Oculus app advising that the app is still in draft when accessing on headset
  2. Set about moving project from draft to Alpha Channel for internal testing on the VR device
  3. All conditions met regarding the Alpha channel except an acceptable build. 

Oculus identified an issue with the Android Manifest Debugging

Looked at Android Developers application guide

: Need to change flag from true to false

Researched what the manifest was and where it was located.
Installed Android Studio to access manifest
Opened APK

Opened Manifest

Tried to locate debuggable setting
Changed ‘Support SRtl from true to false
Saved as APK V6
Uploaded to oculus
Didn’t work – changed support SRtl back again

Searched ‘Debuggable’ in Android Studio

Changed Debugabble setting from again as wasn’t sure it had reset (was ticked, now not)

Saved as APK V7
Uploaded to Oculus
Didn’t work – changed debuggable back again.

Copied and pasted android manifest in Unity Assets Android Plugin folder
Didn’t seem to make any difference but didn’t seem to do any harm so left it there.

Removed Development build tick from build settings
Saved APK V8
Uploaded to Oculus
Now getting this flag
Saved as APK Install 14 V12

Problem: App has not been signed (I thought this was the .osig file but its not)

Next Steps:

  • Check manifest is now a store-compatible android manifest and if it isn’t I will have to delete and reissue. 
  • Work through Sign your App process on Android Studio Developers ‘sign your app’ and upload.