Literature Sweep 01:03

I have conducted a literature search on ACM, IEEE, GDC and Falmouth Library (2015 – 2019) for the following terms:

Animation History
Animation Visual Effects
Animation Landscapes
Mythopoeic Narrative
Video Game Nature
Video Game Gothic
VR Narrative
Cinematic VR

I have a sense that although Animation is striving to claim video games as animated games, this is a mute point in video games theory who have established that video game and cinema are together part of a transmediality. I would raise the point that, although there is a historical alignment of animation with film theory for me, as a practitioner, this does not hold as I think of animation in an expanded sense which embraces immersion, kinetic sculpture and projection mapping which is Transmedial in nature. However, I note that there is a distinct gap in videogames which seems to omit experimental practices of animation.

When I read video game theory, I find strong alignment with the experimental traditions of animation.

I am in the process of sorting out my research papers and I have set up a ref works repository for ease of reference.