Mobile VR Optimisation Continued

I have met a blocker as I been experiencing some difficulty with the Gear VR development environment set up. I am continuing to optimise for mobile VR on the premise that I can change player settings and platform to Web GL for testing the. Upgrade to Web VR for PC at a later date.

I feel that I need to test the game concept and mechanics on screen urgently to get feedback for User Testing to start properly on schedule. Building for mobile VR means that the project can then be upgraded to PC VR quite easily because it should be fully optimised (it will initially suffer from poor quality but this can be fixed later).

Things to do next…

Working through a set of really great mobile VR Videos (for google VR but the optimisation principles are the same) 

These videos are helping me to focus on the following:

🔲   Skydome settings and asset creation
🔲   Set Lighting settings
🔲   Create Real Space UI
🔲   Door Mechanics
🔲   Scene transitions

These should be done to create a project that can be uploaded to as a draft for testing this week with the aim of creating a simple open world experience that can be freely explored but will have a start and end point.