OVR not compatible Blocker

Unities advice 

Recommended Unity Editor versions

The minimum supported version for Oculus development is 2017.4.16. We recommend using one of the following versions for Oculus development:

  • 2017.4 LTS
  • 2018.4 LTS
  • 2019.2

Note: If you are developing apps for Oculus Go, use the Unity Editor 2019.2.13 version.
For more information about learning known issues related to a specific Unity Editor version, go to the Known Issues section on the Unity Integration release notes page.

Updating OVRPlugin

The optional Oculus Utilities for Unity package offers additional developer resources, and includes the latest version of OVRPlugin. When you import Utilities for Unity into a project, if the OVRPlugin version included with the Utilities is later than the version built into your editor, a pop-up dialog gives you the option to update the plugin. We always recommend using the latest available OVRPlugin version. For more information, see OVRPlugin.

Not working If you update OVRPlugin using the Utilities package and later wish to roll back to the version included with the Editor for any reason, you may easily do so by selecting Tools > Oculus > Disable OVR Utilities Plugin.

I have too high a version of OVR utilities in my project at 1.44 which is too high and I cant roll it back.

I have just deleted all VR and reinstalled Oculus Integration because I couldn’t roll back to 1.41 (which is the version gear needs to run).

Download the Oculus Integration

Please see Compatibility and Version Requirements for important information about compatibility. The minimum supported Unity Editor version for Oculus development is 2017.4.16.
Next Steps:

  • This issue is scheduled to be fixed this Friday afternoon with Al. 
  • I’m going to focus on finalising the Death character concept designs ready for modelling. The aim is to finish the character this week but I’m having a few issues with Maya. This either means using 3Ds Max or Blender.